I environ myself with emptiness so I could see
To learn by myself what I feel
And to know that
I have to go alone
To walk without a shadow
Have to leave something behind for the rest to find the ending

I avoided this moment,
Evaded it,
I feared this so much
Now it must come to an end
Now it's the time for it

Till the last moment
A lot of good ends with this
A lot of beautiful
Which arms are dead
This has to go like this
'Though I'd like to deny
Try to sustain
But I know it will go in vein
To postpone the mercy

Bad omens are filling the silence
It's so painfully present avery moment 'though you turn your head away
Even though you'd close your eyes
The picture still remains and is going nowhere
But it's not coming for you but keeps staring

This road may crash us
It can't be continued
It can't be like this
It must come to an end
Now is the time